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Ahad, 6 Disember 2009
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 2)

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up on the bed. Hmm, this bed feels comfortable… And since when my room is black in color? I thought it was dull purple… My eyes shot open as I looked around frantically when the memories of the night before came inside my head. I vaguely remembered Ethan carrying me to a room. “Oh yeah…I finally escaped the orphanage…” I muttered softly as I smiled slightly at the thought of finally getting out of the orphanage. I yawned and lied back down, turning around on my right side; facing the empty side of the bed.

…Wait a minute…If the other side was empty, then who is breathing on my face…? “Whoa!” I screamed as I fell off of the bed when I saw Ethan’s face just a few centimeters from my face. “Ow, my butt, my precious butt!” I whined quietly as I rubbed my sore bum. “It doesn’t look precious to me though.” I looked up to see Ethan with all his glory on the bed looking down at me with a smirk. I glared at him and stood up slowly.

“Though I must say that nightgown make you look very beautiful.” He said to me while smiling sincerely. I blushed but then a thought came in my head. Last I check I was wearing a black and white striped t-shirt with black baggy jeans and white converse. So how come now I’m wearing a black night gown and a ribbon on my right wrist with my hair loose behind me?? “Did you change me?!” I asked him with a red face from embarrassment and anger. “Your body looked sexy you know.” He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked smugly at me.

‘Why you little pervert!!’ I thought as I pounced on him. He flipped us and now he was on top straddling my waist with his knees while holding my hands on each sides of my face with his own hands. I struggled but it was futile. “Let me go!” I yelled at him. “You know, I like our position right now very much!” He exclaimed while smirking evilly.

“What do you mean--!! EWE!! Oh my god Ethan you pervert!!” I screamed at him when I finally understood what he said. He was on top of me with only a pair of boxers, straddling me while I’m under him wearing only nightgown! How WRONG is THAT?! For a few minutes we argued and struggled against each other while flipping each other off. We were arguing about something when the door to Ethan’s room opened and a guy with flaming red long hair (like Reno’s hair) came in.

“Hey Ethan! Just dropping by to say--” He stopped when he saw what position we were in. His jaw dropped and instantly he screamed, “ETHAN WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO THE PRINCESS?! LET HER GO!!” “Princess? There’s no princess here!” I said to the guy. Ethan climbed off me and said to red-head dude, “Don’t worry Voltaire, I’m not doing anything.” I whacked his head and screamed, “You were straddling me you pedophile!”

“Hey! According to something I read before, you can only call someone a pedophile when they are a hell lot older than you and are sexually attracted to you! I’m only two years older than you and I’m not sexually attracted to you!” He retorted hotly. Both Voltaire and I gaped at him. “…What?” He asked confused. Both of us were still gaping at him. “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GAPING AT ME FOR?!” He yelled frustrated. I looked at Voltaire and he looked at me and we both nodded.

“Who knew you could say something so smart?” Both of us stated bluntly in unison as Ethan slapped his own forehead. “Are you two implying that I am stupid?” He asked Voltaire and I with intensified glare. All that we did was just smiling sheepishly. Ethan growled and stormed out, flipping Voltaire off on his way out. I stared at his slowly disappearing figure as a thought came in my head. Voltaire seemed to notice and he smirked while holding out 3 fingers.

“One! Two! Three!” Both of us finished just as a scream rang throughout the place. “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU WEARING YOU SHAMELESS BOY?!! PUT SOMETHING ON!!” Voltaire and I burst out laughing and both of us landed on the floor while laughing our guts out. “HA-HA-HA very funny…” Ethan grumbled when he entered the room. “No! It was HILARIOUS!!” Voltaire exclaimed with tears slipping from his eyes. I just kept on laughing like there was no tomorrow. Ethan put on a band tee with shorts and stomped out again. On his way out he gave me the King of Glares that probably might burn me if I wasn’t laughing so much and he kicked Voltaire’s leg.

“Ha that was stupid…” I said after I slowly ceased laughing. Voltaire nodded agreeing with me instantly. I sat up and looked at Voltaire’s hair. “Is it naturally red??” I asked pointing at Voltaire’s hair. Voltaire looked at me amused and replied, “Yes. Why?” “Can I touch it??” Voltaire looked at me again flabbergasted. “Uhh, sure…” I smiled and then reached forward to touch his hair. I slowly ran my fingers through his hair and was amazed. “Your hair is so soft…” I said slowly while still caressing his hair.

He didn’t reply but his face had a tint of red brushing along his cheeks. I didn’t take notice of the blush but continued to play with his hair in a gentle manner. It was silent but not an uncomfortable silence; it was a comforting silence that engulfed both me and him. “Hey, umm, we never actually introduced to each other. My name is Voltaire Von Belfieleft. What’s your name?” He suddenly said. “My name’s Evangelic Erina Waters…” I said while smiling and tying his long hair into a low ponytail with the ribbon on my right wrist.

“Nice name…Evangelic is a nice name…” Voltaire mused to himself. I grinned and said, “Voltaire is a very elegant name that held a strict aura but still has the gentleness within…” His face immediately went red and looked down on his feet. ‘He is a shy guy… I wonder what is going on at this place though…I’ll ask him he-he…’ I thought to myself while fiddling with the hem of my night gown.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’ll leave you people at a very hanging cliffhanger. See you at the next chapter!! XD
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