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Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 3)
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 2)
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 1)
Gifted or Cursed? (The Prologue)
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Ahad, 14 Februari 2010
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 3)

~ Start! ~ (Continuation)
“I see that she is awake…Hmm…” I turned around to see, dare I say it, a guy with silvery white hair with black highlights. His eyes were a piercing red! “Holy Chowder! Are those colors for freaking real?!” I screamed while pointing at him. That guy twitched and growled, “Yes they are natural. Do you need to see my crotch or something for proof?” I pulled on a disgusted face and said, “Ewe, another perv! No thanks Jimmy!” “I’m not Jimmy; that’s not my name.” “…You look like a jimmy to me…”
“You’re unbelievable!” The guy snarled aggravated and stomped away. Hmm, that seems familiar… “What’s up his butt??” I asked Voltaire with a confused expression slapped on my face. Voltaire was snickering and looked at me like I was an idol or something. “The one you just annoyed was Ethan’s brother, Kieran. You got nerves I tell you.” Voltaire told me while still snickering a bit. “No wonder he was somewhat perverted and familiar looking…” I cogitated to myself. “Anyway, why did you call me a princess just now?” His eyes widened and he rapidly looked down.
“I-I’ve mistaken you for someone else… and it’s not my place to tell you anything…” I scowled and inquired, “Why not?” “~you’re not supposed to know until I’m awake~” Someone unexpectedly whispered in my head. ‘Who are you?? Oh please tell me that you’re not one of those annoying conscious in everyone’s head!!’ A misty figure of a person abruptly appeared next to me. The mist gradually cleared and a boy around 18 floated next to me. His skin was pale and his hair was soft lavender. It was waist length and he put it up in a ponytail. His attire consists of pale blue and white robe. His eyes were the blackest black I have ever seen.
I gasped slightly as I saw a pair of black wings behind him. He smiled at me and spoke in a gentle voice, “Don’t be afraid my dear Eva. I am your guardian angel. My name is Dyre. It is nice to see you.” I was so flummoxed that I can’t even form a comprehensible word in my head. “M-my guardian angel? But--” “I know you are surprised, but you’ll get used to it.” He smiled sheepishly. I looked over at Voltaire but only to see that he was not around. “He went outside. The red-head I mean.” Dyre told me while patting my head.
“Can anyone else see you?” I asked him nervously. “Unless I want them to see me, they can’t.” “How convenient…” I pondered to myself. He laughed a melodious laugh and patted my head. “I have a question though; why are you in my body and why are they taking me here?” I beseeched him. He looked straight at me and suddenly I felt so sleepy. ‘What are you doing to me…?’ was my last thought as sleep lulled me into the dream land.
3rd person’s point of view
Dyre gently caught Evangelic and put her on the bed briskly since Voltaire was entering the room. ”You will know why, but not today my dear…” He whispered to Evangelic before slowly fading away in a swirl of white mist. Voltaire was surprised to see Evangelic collapsed on the bed but he swore that he saw a translucent figure put her there. Panicked, Voltaire ran towards the bed and almost immediately calmed down when he saw Evangelic’s calm and serene sleeping face; breathing slowly and sleeping like a baby.
The way her lips parted when she breathed reminded Voltaire of…her… Voltaire smiled sadly and tucked her in gently. He slowly caressed her face in an affectionate manner and delicately brushed his lips on her forehead; remembering the time when he did this to ‘her’. His tears slowly welled up in his eyes but he quickly brushed away the oncoming tears. ‘I’m not going to think about her anymore and Eva is not her! Even if they do look the same…’ Voltaire thought to himself.
He looked at her once again and stroked her caramel locks tenderly in a loving way like that of a brother and placed his lips on her left temple. Evangelic stirred lightly in her sleep and smiled slightly at the attention given to her as she continues to slumber soundly. Voltaire stood up, a bit reluctant to leave and walked out of the room; still smiling the same broken smile.
Little that he know, a certain silver haired, icy blue eyed boy was watching him from the shadows with a burning glare laced with a tint of jealousy…

End of chapter 3! See you on chapter 4!

Me: so little Ethan is jealous~! Awe~! XD
Ethan: SHUT UP!! >.<””
Me: hmm, how about, NEVER!!! MWAHAHHA! Oh look!! Flying penguins! I want one!! Wait!! Don’t run from me!! I love you guys!!!! *runs after the imaginary flying penguins*
Evangelic: …let me just get the author’s medicine…

Ahad, 6 Disember 2009
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 2)

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up on the bed. Hmm, this bed feels comfortable… And since when my room is black in color? I thought it was dull purple… My eyes shot open as I looked around frantically when the memories of the night before came inside my head. I vaguely remembered Ethan carrying me to a room. “Oh yeah…I finally escaped the orphanage…” I muttered softly as I smiled slightly at the thought of finally getting out of the orphanage. I yawned and lied back down, turning around on my right side; facing the empty side of the bed.

…Wait a minute…If the other side was empty, then who is breathing on my face…? “Whoa!” I screamed as I fell off of the bed when I saw Ethan’s face just a few centimeters from my face. “Ow, my butt, my precious butt!” I whined quietly as I rubbed my sore bum. “It doesn’t look precious to me though.” I looked up to see Ethan with all his glory on the bed looking down at me with a smirk. I glared at him and stood up slowly.

“Though I must say that nightgown make you look very beautiful.” He said to me while smiling sincerely. I blushed but then a thought came in my head. Last I check I was wearing a black and white striped t-shirt with black baggy jeans and white converse. So how come now I’m wearing a black night gown and a ribbon on my right wrist with my hair loose behind me?? “Did you change me?!” I asked him with a red face from embarrassment and anger. “Your body looked sexy you know.” He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked smugly at me.

‘Why you little pervert!!’ I thought as I pounced on him. He flipped us and now he was on top straddling my waist with his knees while holding my hands on each sides of my face with his own hands. I struggled but it was futile. “Let me go!” I yelled at him. “You know, I like our position right now very much!” He exclaimed while smirking evilly.

“What do you mean--!! EWE!! Oh my god Ethan you pervert!!” I screamed at him when I finally understood what he said. He was on top of me with only a pair of boxers, straddling me while I’m under him wearing only nightgown! How WRONG is THAT?! For a few minutes we argued and struggled against each other while flipping each other off. We were arguing about something when the door to Ethan’s room opened and a guy with flaming red long hair (like Reno’s hair) came in.

“Hey Ethan! Just dropping by to say--” He stopped when he saw what position we were in. His jaw dropped and instantly he screamed, “ETHAN WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO THE PRINCESS?! LET HER GO!!” “Princess? There’s no princess here!” I said to the guy. Ethan climbed off me and said to red-head dude, “Don’t worry Voltaire, I’m not doing anything.” I whacked his head and screamed, “You were straddling me you pedophile!”

“Hey! According to something I read before, you can only call someone a pedophile when they are a hell lot older than you and are sexually attracted to you! I’m only two years older than you and I’m not sexually attracted to you!” He retorted hotly. Both Voltaire and I gaped at him. “…What?” He asked confused. Both of us were still gaping at him. “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GAPING AT ME FOR?!” He yelled frustrated. I looked at Voltaire and he looked at me and we both nodded.

“Who knew you could say something so smart?” Both of us stated bluntly in unison as Ethan slapped his own forehead. “Are you two implying that I am stupid?” He asked Voltaire and I with intensified glare. All that we did was just smiling sheepishly. Ethan growled and stormed out, flipping Voltaire off on his way out. I stared at his slowly disappearing figure as a thought came in my head. Voltaire seemed to notice and he smirked while holding out 3 fingers.

“One! Two! Three!” Both of us finished just as a scream rang throughout the place. “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU WEARING YOU SHAMELESS BOY?!! PUT SOMETHING ON!!” Voltaire and I burst out laughing and both of us landed on the floor while laughing our guts out. “HA-HA-HA very funny…” Ethan grumbled when he entered the room. “No! It was HILARIOUS!!” Voltaire exclaimed with tears slipping from his eyes. I just kept on laughing like there was no tomorrow. Ethan put on a band tee with shorts and stomped out again. On his way out he gave me the King of Glares that probably might burn me if I wasn’t laughing so much and he kicked Voltaire’s leg.

“Ha that was stupid…” I said after I slowly ceased laughing. Voltaire nodded agreeing with me instantly. I sat up and looked at Voltaire’s hair. “Is it naturally red??” I asked pointing at Voltaire’s hair. Voltaire looked at me amused and replied, “Yes. Why?” “Can I touch it??” Voltaire looked at me again flabbergasted. “Uhh, sure…” I smiled and then reached forward to touch his hair. I slowly ran my fingers through his hair and was amazed. “Your hair is so soft…” I said slowly while still caressing his hair.

He didn’t reply but his face had a tint of red brushing along his cheeks. I didn’t take notice of the blush but continued to play with his hair in a gentle manner. It was silent but not an uncomfortable silence; it was a comforting silence that engulfed both me and him. “Hey, umm, we never actually introduced to each other. My name is Voltaire Von Belfieleft. What’s your name?” He suddenly said. “My name’s Evangelic Erina Waters…” I said while smiling and tying his long hair into a low ponytail with the ribbon on my right wrist.

“Nice name…Evangelic is a nice name…” Voltaire mused to himself. I grinned and said, “Voltaire is a very elegant name that held a strict aura but still has the gentleness within…” His face immediately went red and looked down on his feet. ‘He is a shy guy… I wonder what is going on at this place though…I’ll ask him he-he…’ I thought to myself while fiddling with the hem of my night gown.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’ll leave you people at a very hanging cliffhanger. See you at the next chapter!! XD
Reader: TT^TT

Rabu, 11 November 2009
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 1)

~Story start~

I was sleeping peacefully when I felt something cold engulfed me. I bolted up awake while gasping loudly only to see Mrs. Hopeless with a bucket in her hands. I looked around me to see ice cubes scattered across my bed. I shivered violently and Mrs. Hopeless yelled, “Get the hell up you little freak and get into the shower quickly! After that meet me in my office! I’ll only give you 15 minutes to get ready!” She went out slamming close my door in the process.

I scrambled up on my feet and ran into the toilet and took a very quick shower. I did most of my morning routine and then I bolted out of my room heading to Mrs. Hopeless’ office. I glanced at my watch only to see I have 2 minutes left. I ran faster and I slowed down in front of the office door. I knocked on the door politely and entered the room. When I entered the room, I saw a boy, maybe a year or two older than me, sitting on one of the chairs in front of Mrs. Hopeless’ desk.
I may look calm outside but I was jumping with joy inside. I wondered if he was a new boy in the orphanage and maybe he could be my friend. I stood next to the chair he was sitting on and asked Mrs. Hopeless, “Is there something you need me to do?” I heard shuffles of shoes and looked up to see the boy stood up and he gripped my face, looking straight into my eyes.

His icy blue eyes were so sharp that they looked like they could see into my very own soul. I shivered involuntarily and he smirked somewhat triumphantly. He looked at Mrs. Hopeless and asked, “Is this the girl?” She nodded and said, “That’s her.” He ran his fingers into his messy jet black hair and said to me, “Pack your things, you’re leaving with me today.” My eyes widened and I couldn’t help but grin widely and ran back to my room.

As soon as I arrived in my room, I instantly took out my two bags and packed all that I have in them. I’m finally leaving this orphanage! When I finished packing, a knock was heard on my door and in came the boy. He looked at me and said, “Come now, we’re leaving.” I nodded vigorously and hastily followed him from behind.
I received stares on my way out and I smiled inwardly.

Suddenly, a little girl stood in front of me and held up a bouquet of flowers for me. I was surprised. Doesn’t she know who I am? I smiled gratefully and took the flowers though. She smiled and I patted her head. She waved at me when I was opening the door. I waved back at her and shot a grin to her. As soon as we came out from the orphanage, I inhaled the sweet smelling air that smelled like mint since the area around the orphanage was filled with a lot kind of trees. The boy shook his head and walked forward.

“Umm, excuse me but what’s your name?” I asked him softly. He looked back at me and muttered, “Ethan.” ‘Ethan…Nice name…’ Out of the blue, he smiled at me and said, “Thank you for the compliment on my name.” I blushed and thought, ‘I didn’t say that out loud did I?! Unless he read my mind…’ I looked at him suspiciously as he smirked at me and said, “Yup, I’m a mind reader!”

My eyes widen as I thought frantically in my head, ‘Ah! He’s a mind reader! NOO!! Okay, okay, calm down Evangelic. Just imagine some flying penguins eating large candy canes… *drools mentally* I want one…’ Ethan suddenly laughed and looked at me with a ‘you-have-to-be-kidding-me!’ face while saying, “Fly-flying penguins?! Can-candy canes?! Seriously, how old are you??” I huffed and pouted. “I’m 14 years old thank you very much! How old are you, mister old man??” I said to him and he looked at me with a ‘you-did-not-just-call-me-old’ face. “I’m 15 and I’m almost 16 thank you very much!” He sneered at me and went to search something in his pocket.
He pulled out some keys and pushed a button on the lock control device (sorry, I don’t know what you call that thing).

A Lamborghini appeared out of nowhere and I felt my left eye twitched. He smirked at me as he opened the passenger door for me and said, “Well, come on in!” He took my bags and put them at the back seats. I entered the car and just looked at him blankly when he entered the car. Ethan looked back and asked, “…What?” I just shook my head and smiled weakly at him.

As we started to move and away from the orphanage, I looked at the orphanage for the last time and smirked, muttering, “Goodbye bitter memories…” Unknown to me, Ethan was also smirking at my remark. I made myself comfortable in the seat when Ethan said,”You might want to sleep Evangelic, the journey is long and it might take five hours to arrive at the destination.”

I nodded slowly and yawned softly. I turned to my side facing Ethan and just before I went to sleep, I muttered “Good night Ethan…” to him. He casted a sideway glance to me and smiled.

“Goodnight Evangelic…”

~End of chapter 1~

Me: Damn! I finally remembered a bit of this story! It took me some time to write this.
Ethan: *entered my room* Yo Haru!
Me: Hi Ethan! By the way Ethan, how did you get your license early before your age reaches 16??
Ethan: *stares blankly at me* How should I know? You’re the one who wrote this story.
Me: you got a point there…
Ethan: *smirks*
Me: one day I’m going to wipe that smirk off your face…
Ethan: And may I ask how--?! AAHHH! *trying to get the cat that I just shoved in his mouth out*
Me: *smirks* I told ya tha’ I’ll wipe tha’ smirk of yer face one day!

Ahad, 8 November 2009
Gifted or Cursed? (The Prologue)

Gifted or Cursed? (The Prologue)
I sighed. For what seemed like the millionth time. I have no friends in this stupid orphanage because everyone thinks I’m a monster. I hugged my plush teddy bear Mr. Snuggles as the memories when I was sent here four years ago flash inside my head.
The weather was cold and rain was pouring heavily making loud noises when they hit the car I was in. My parents were whispering quietly to each other while looking nervously at me. I looked at them in confusion. What were they talking about? All I know was that Daddy and Mommy were sending me to a special place for special little kids like me. I was of course happy to be thought as special. Two full hours and we were still in the cold car. After 15 more minutes, the car slowly stops in front of large building.
Daddy asked me to come out as he held an umbrella for me and took my luggage next to me. A mean looking woman came out of the building and she was looking at me with such cold eyes. I looked up at the sign next to her. ‘Welcome to Haplin Orphanage House!’ I looked up at my daddy in horror when he pushed me in the arms of the lady and drove away not even saying goodbye or sparing a glance at me. I wanted to chase the car but I went against my guts as I saw the woman glaring down at me.
“What’s your name you little brat?!” She yelled at me making me flinch. I meekly answered, “E-Evangelic Erina Waters, ma’am…” She nodded and grabbed my left arm harshly as my right hand pulled my luggage. She walked down a hallway and stopped in front of a door. She pushed me in and before she went away, she said, “This is now your room. Just call me Mrs. Hopeless. You understand that brat?!” I nodded weakly. She slammed close the door and I sighed as I sat down on the bed. The room was fairly empty except for a small window around the corner, a dull looking table, a small closet and a door with the sign ‘toilet’ on it.
I grabbed my Mr. Snuggles and hugged him tightly while crying slightly as I think what will happen in the future if my life won’t improve…?
I stopped all my flashbacks and cried more while hugging Mr. snuggles tighter. The tears just won’t stop flowing! Another memory flashed inside my head; the reason why I was called a monster…
“Ouch!” I cried as fell on the ground scraping my knee a bit when someone pushed me from behind. I stood up slowly, crying a little, as I turned back to see who pushed me. It was Joe, the biggest bully in the orphanage. He laughed at my crying face and kept saying that I was a freak and that I’m a sissy. I don’t know why but I felt a surge of power rushing through my veins and I grabbed his shirt roughly as I stared coldly at him.
The next thing I knew, he was squirming and shivering on the ground with his eyes popped open like they were going to fall off of the eye sockets. I put a hand on my mouth as I stared at him horrified. The other kids who saw this ran away screaming maniacally. I snapped out of my daze and ran to my room, cowering in a corner…
I took a shaky breath as I stopped the flashback that made everyone scared of me. That night, Mrs. Hopeless came into my room and gave me the worst beating of my life. She beat me until I was black and blue with some broken ribs and bruises everywhere. I cried so much that night that I cried myself to sleep. The next morning, I was utterly surprised and was mortified to see all my wounds and bruises healed like nothing happened to me at all! I was so scared. ‘What am I?!’ I screamed in my head as I checked for wounds only to find absolutely nothing!
News spread fast about me giving Joe a trauma and that I healed so fast in one night after I was beaten senseless the night before. Everyone in the orphanage was terrified of me. Just by seeing my shadow they would already ran away like a herd of sheep being chased by a big wolf. To top all of my freakiness, I have long, light caramel colored hair and dark blue eyes with a tint of white. People who looked into my eyes might say that they looked like small abysses. My skin was as pale as a vampire skin would be and I always wore black clothes.
I stopped crying and looked up at the ceiling with my hair sprawled all around me. I slowly closed my eyes and the last thought that entered my head was, ‘I wish my life would change…’ Little did I know was that my fate will change in a very short time…

~End of Prologue~

Me: so yeah! I’m rewriting this story since I somehow lost the book I wrote this story in. I almost cry when I lost the book because all of my earliest stories were in there. I hope I could find it… )=

Jumaat, 1 Mei 2009
Hello! =D

heyy there people!my name's not important heheh,my blog is pretty boring right now 'coz i'm lazyy.anyway,when i have time i'll post some thing.=3