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Ahad, 14 Februari 2010
Gifted or Cursed? (Chapter 3)

~ Start! ~ (Continuation)
“I see that she is awake…Hmm…” I turned around to see, dare I say it, a guy with silvery white hair with black highlights. His eyes were a piercing red! “Holy Chowder! Are those colors for freaking real?!” I screamed while pointing at him. That guy twitched and growled, “Yes they are natural. Do you need to see my crotch or something for proof?” I pulled on a disgusted face and said, “Ewe, another perv! No thanks Jimmy!” “I’m not Jimmy; that’s not my name.” “…You look like a jimmy to me…”
“You’re unbelievable!” The guy snarled aggravated and stomped away. Hmm, that seems familiar… “What’s up his butt??” I asked Voltaire with a confused expression slapped on my face. Voltaire was snickering and looked at me like I was an idol or something. “The one you just annoyed was Ethan’s brother, Kieran. You got nerves I tell you.” Voltaire told me while still snickering a bit. “No wonder he was somewhat perverted and familiar looking…” I cogitated to myself. “Anyway, why did you call me a princess just now?” His eyes widened and he rapidly looked down.
“I-I’ve mistaken you for someone else… and it’s not my place to tell you anything…” I scowled and inquired, “Why not?” “~you’re not supposed to know until I’m awake~” Someone unexpectedly whispered in my head. ‘Who are you?? Oh please tell me that you’re not one of those annoying conscious in everyone’s head!!’ A misty figure of a person abruptly appeared next to me. The mist gradually cleared and a boy around 18 floated next to me. His skin was pale and his hair was soft lavender. It was waist length and he put it up in a ponytail. His attire consists of pale blue and white robe. His eyes were the blackest black I have ever seen.
I gasped slightly as I saw a pair of black wings behind him. He smiled at me and spoke in a gentle voice, “Don’t be afraid my dear Eva. I am your guardian angel. My name is Dyre. It is nice to see you.” I was so flummoxed that I can’t even form a comprehensible word in my head. “M-my guardian angel? But--” “I know you are surprised, but you’ll get used to it.” He smiled sheepishly. I looked over at Voltaire but only to see that he was not around. “He went outside. The red-head I mean.” Dyre told me while patting my head.
“Can anyone else see you?” I asked him nervously. “Unless I want them to see me, they can’t.” “How convenient…” I pondered to myself. He laughed a melodious laugh and patted my head. “I have a question though; why are you in my body and why are they taking me here?” I beseeched him. He looked straight at me and suddenly I felt so sleepy. ‘What are you doing to me…?’ was my last thought as sleep lulled me into the dream land.
3rd person’s point of view
Dyre gently caught Evangelic and put her on the bed briskly since Voltaire was entering the room. ”You will know why, but not today my dear…” He whispered to Evangelic before slowly fading away in a swirl of white mist. Voltaire was surprised to see Evangelic collapsed on the bed but he swore that he saw a translucent figure put her there. Panicked, Voltaire ran towards the bed and almost immediately calmed down when he saw Evangelic’s calm and serene sleeping face; breathing slowly and sleeping like a baby.
The way her lips parted when she breathed reminded Voltaire of…her… Voltaire smiled sadly and tucked her in gently. He slowly caressed her face in an affectionate manner and delicately brushed his lips on her forehead; remembering the time when he did this to ‘her’. His tears slowly welled up in his eyes but he quickly brushed away the oncoming tears. ‘I’m not going to think about her anymore and Eva is not her! Even if they do look the same…’ Voltaire thought to himself.
He looked at her once again and stroked her caramel locks tenderly in a loving way like that of a brother and placed his lips on her left temple. Evangelic stirred lightly in her sleep and smiled slightly at the attention given to her as she continues to slumber soundly. Voltaire stood up, a bit reluctant to leave and walked out of the room; still smiling the same broken smile.
Little that he know, a certain silver haired, icy blue eyed boy was watching him from the shadows with a burning glare laced with a tint of jealousy…

End of chapter 3! See you on chapter 4!

Me: so little Ethan is jealous~! Awe~! XD
Ethan: SHUT UP!! >.<””
Me: hmm, how about, NEVER!!! MWAHAHHA! Oh look!! Flying penguins! I want one!! Wait!! Don’t run from me!! I love you guys!!!! *runs after the imaginary flying penguins*
Evangelic: …let me just get the author’s medicine…